Mission Statement

Omei Preschool values the whole child development through project based curriculum. Our teachers are committed to provide safe and loving environment in which children explore, discover, learn and play. Bilingual Activities (Mandarin and English) are created and implemented into the everyday schedule to awaken children’s curiosity to a new language and culture.

Program Goals

Omei Preschool aspires to meet the needs of ALL children and families. We provide care and developmental stimulation through project – based academic growth opportunities for young children. We promote:

Cognitive Development:

  • Learning to solve problems and form concepts
  • Discovering and exploring the near environment

Social – Emotional Development

  • Developing self – esteem and personal adjustment skills
  • Achieving Self Confidence and personal adjustment skills
  • Achieving self – confidence in relationships
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and persistence in completing tasks

Physical Development

  • Developing hand and body coordination
  • Learning physical skills
  • Learning food health habits

Language Development

  • Express wants and need using words
  • Develop communication skills witn adults and peers

Creative Development

  • Expressing ideas through creatice skills
  • Expressing self through creative media
  • Developing the ability to think and act in different and unique ways