Curriculum development provides the framework for planning and carrying out work with young children and their families.

Having a director who is also a piano teacher, at Omei Preschool we understand the importance of creating an environment rich of songs, music activities and games, developing children's sound and movement coordination. Children play simple instruments such as triangles, rhythm sticks, castanets and tambourines, as well as having the opportunity to learn notes and simple key combinations on the keyboard.

Fine arts as drawing and painting are as well part of our preschool life.

Omei Academy's founder and active supporter of Omei Preschool is a Chinese Martial Arts World Champion. Having him around turns a play into a quick martial arts lesson, that all children enjoy. Bringing spirit and meaning into a regular daily physical activity is a great way to develop body coordination, improve concentration and build confidence.

At Omei Preschool math competencies are taught intentionally. We use children's natural interest in math and science to strengthen their problem - solving and reasoning process. The project approach provides children with many opportunities to explore a topic through representations that employ understanding of numbers, geometry, and measurement of quantities.

Our classrooms are also rich in language opportunities and experiences. Such opportunities include but are not limited to: stories, finger plays, poems, labeling of items in the classroom, special times for children to share ideas and thoughts. The children will have opportunities to have a special time to share things from home. The children will be given classroom responsibilities.

Caring for our two outdoor pets, the bunnies Galaxy and Velvet, and gardening, are part of our daily activities.